MobBase is priced for starving artists, even if you're not

Your own mobile web app.
For iPhone, Android, & more
All for free!
Premium mobile web
  • Everything on the left
  • Unlimited content
  • Use of all MobBase features
  • View all features
Free mobile web
  • Works on iPhone, Android, & more!
  • Made with HTML5
  • Customizable layout & design
  • 3 playable songs & basic discography
  • 3 YouTube videos
  • Unlimited photos
  • Artist twitter feed
Mobile web apps can be launched and updated instantly - no app store required!
Get Started
Premium apps: Mobile web
iTunes App Store
+ mobile web
Android Market
+ mobile web
Activation fee (one time) $5 $250* $20
Hosting fees (monthly) $5/month $20/month $20/month
Get started Get started Get started
* Requires setting up an iOS developer account (additional $99/year payable to Apple)
iPhone / iOS activation fee includes:
  1. Expert guidance on app design and content optimization
  2. The best ways to use your app to connect with fans
  3. DOs and DON'Ts for quicker approval by Apple
  4. Help setting up your Apple iOS Developer Account (more info)

Support / Additional Services

Commerce fee $5/month
Required if you want to sell your app
Premium support $200 - for 3 months of support
Includes all of the services below, a demo of MobBase to get you started, and hands-on support to help you build your app
Custom tab bar icons $50/icon
Installation only, custom tab bar icons need to be designed by you.
Additional RSS $50
Add a third RSS feature (like news and blog) to your app. 1 max.
Additional webview $50
Add a second webview feature (like store) to your app. 1 max.
Rename features $50
Rename the features in your app (Twitter, Videos, Photos, News, etc.) as you like!