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Using MobBase, you can easily create your app in the MobBase dashboard and then publish it on iPhone/iOS, Android, and/or the mobile web. Once your app is live, you can then use the MobBase dashboard to update it whenever the mood strikes. Before you start making your app, please read the following materials, which will help you understand what is needed for your app and how to customize it:

Selecting Where Your App Will Be Published

You can choose to have your app published in the iTunes App Store, the Android Market, and/or via the mobile web (HTML5). HTML5 apps distributed via the mobile web will not be available in any app stores and will be downloaded directly from an app landing page that we will create for you.

Designing Your App

It's your app, so it should have your unique image, look, and feel. The MobBase dashboard gives you a blank canvas to project your artistic vision — arrange the features however you like, upload background and button images, and select color themes. Don't worry, you can change the app's layout and design as often as you like. Before you start designing your app, you and/or your graphic designer should read the:

Adding Content to Your App

Using your MobBase dashboard, you can add, manage, and update your app's content in real-time. Pull in digital goodies like your videos, photos, news, and tweets, add MP3s, and link fans to your merch store. Add as much content as you like before you launch your app, and then keep fans engaged by adding more content once it's live. Your fans will get these updates the next time they open your app. Before you begin aggregating your content, please read the:

Creating Your Own iTunes Developer Account (iPhone/iOS only)

If you want to publish an iPhone/iOS app, Apple requires that you set up your own iOS Developer Account. Because of this, you will need to create your iOS Developer Account before we can submit your iPhone app to the iTunes App Store. The cost for this is $99/year, payable directly to Apple. For more info, please visit our FAQ.

Publishing Your App

Once you've designed your app, added content, and selected the platforms you want to distribute it on, simply pay the appropriate Activation Fees and click "publish" to publish your app to your desired platforms/app stores. For iPhone/iOS, Android, and premium HTML5 mobile web apps, we will review your app before submission and make sure everything looks good. If we spot any issues or have thoughts on how your app can be improved, we'll let you know. While iPhone/iOS apps must be approved by Apple prior to being released, Android and HTML5 mobile web apps don't need to be approved and will go live within 5 days of being published on the MobBase dashboard.

Apple's App Approval Process

While Apple does not set exact guidelines for approval, you may find Apple's Human Interface Guidelines helpful. Generally, you should avoid having extreme violence, nudity, or adult/explicit subject matter in your app. The app approval process can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks, and as soon as your app is approved, we'll let you know. If your app is rejected, you will be able to make any necessary changes and resubmit your app through your MobBase dashboard at no additional cost. Once your app is live, we'll start billing you monthly - details can be found here.


We're here to help, so don't be shy. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions, or check out our FAQ. If you want hands-on support while creating your app, you can purchase our Premium Support — and, if you need help creating design elements for your app, reach out to