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Here you'll find answers to most of your burning questions. Click on the question in the list below to jump down to the specific answer, or browse the list by scrolling down on this page. If your question doesn't appear in the list then contact us at support@mobbase.com and we'll help you out.

Building and Launching Your App

iPhone/iOS App Submission Policy

Selling Your App

Updating and Resubmitting Your App

What is MobBase?

MobBase makes it quick and easy for bands and artists to create, launch and manage their own, custom mobile applications. With MobBase, artists can connect with fans anywhere and everywhere to share music, photos, videos, tweets, and info about gigs, sell merch, and more.

What platforms/devices can MobBase apps be distributed on?

MobBase apps are available for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Android devices (OS 2.1 or later), and via the mobile web (HTML5). Apps are currently distributed through the iTunes store, the Android Market, and via the mobile web.

Why should I care?

MobBase is the easiest, fastest, and most economical way to connect and engage with fans on mobile devices and desktop computers.

What does it cost?

It's free to set up. You don't even have to enter a credit card number until you've designed your app and decided to launch it for your fans. Then, the cost depends on what kind of app you want to publish. HTML5 mobile web apps can be published for free, with no activation or monthly hosting fees. Premium HTML5 mobile web apps are $5 to launch and then $5/month. Native Android apps are $20 to launch and $20/month. Native iPhone/iOS apps are $250 to launch and $20/month. Check out our pricing section for more information.

What do I get locked in to?

Absolutely nothin'! Your account will be month to month so if you decide you want out there are no fees or penalties. Just let us know, we'll stop your app and you can walk away, no questions asked. We doubt that'll happen though…

How long does it take to set up and publish?

You can set up your app (here) and publish it in under an hour. If you're launching an iPhone/iOS, Android, or HTML5 Premium app, your app will be reviewed by the MobBase team prior to being published. If everything looks good, we'll publish your Android/HTML5 mobile web app within 24 hours and submit your iPhone/iOS app for approval to iTunes. iTunes approval can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks (unfortunately it's not up to us), and once your app is approved, we will let you know by email.

How easy is it, REALLY?

It's pretty easy. However we're standing by to help if you need it. If you want our hands on support while creating your app, check out our premium support.

Can I update the app once it's live?

Definitely, we expect you to! We designed MobBase so it can be a primary means of engaging your fans all the time, anywhere they are. To update the app once it's live, just add content to the various feeds you have provided us (RSS, YouTube, Picasa, etc.). The changes will be effective immediately. If you'd like to change the design of your app, add new feeds or music, etc., log in to your account, make all the changes you like in your MobBase dashboard, and complete the publishing process. Please note, for native apps, a few customization changes (like app name, app icon, loading image, cost) will require resubmitting to the appropriate app store (more info on this here).

What is the difference between a free and a premium mobile web app?

Premium mobile web
  • Everything on the left
  • Unlimited content
  • Use of all MobBase features
  • View all features
Free mobile web
  • Works on iPhone, Android, & more!
  • Made with HTML5
  • Customizable layout & design
  • 3 playable songs & basic discography
  • 3 YouTube videos
  • Unlimited photos
  • Artist twitter feed
Mobile web apps can be launched and updated instantly - no app store required!

After my app goes live, does MobBase provide data about how the app is doing?

Absolutely. Once your app is live, you'll be able to get a lot of great data about where, when, and how people are downloading your app in the Stats section of your MobBase dashboard. We get this information directly from app stores, so it is as accurate as it can be!

Is there a fee associated with resubmitting/updating my app?

You can update your app as often as you want at no additional charge. If you make updates that require resubmission of the app to an app store, you can resubmit your app up to 2 times per year at no additional cost. Each additional resubmission will cost $20.00 per app store.

Who owns the content I put in the app?

You do. We simply make it available to your fans anywhere they go.

How do I cancel my account?

We doubt you'll want to, but if you're unsatisfied for whatever reason you can cancel with no additional fees. To do so, contact support@mobbase.com.

Who's behind MobBase?

MobBase was built by MixMatchMusic in our ongoing effort to give artists the tools they need to cultivate and engage their fanbase. MixMatchMusic also helps artists to promote their music with viral remix contests and promotions, for more information, check out our various services:

remixwizard.mixmatchmusic.com - host your own remix promotions!
community.mixmatchmusic.com - our music collaboration community
tra.kz - the URL shortener for all things music
evolvingmusic.mixmatchmusic.com - our blog (where we rant)

What if my question isn't answered here?

Contact us by email, we're here to help. support@mobbase.com

Where do I sign up?

here. get going!

Building and Launching Your App

Do I have to distribute my app through all available platforms/app stores?

No, you have full control over which platforms and app stores you want to distribute your app on, and if you want to add additional platforms later, you can easily do so through the MobBase dashboard.

Do I have to use all the features offered?

Nope, all of our features are opt-in, so feel free to pick and choose from our available feature set to best suit your needs. You can always add additional features later through an in-app update.

Do all the videos in my app have to come from YouTube?

Yes, your videos have to be publicly viewable on YouTube for them to be included in your app. You can't yet add private YouTube videos, or videos from other video sites.

I get an error message when trying to add a video. Why?

Some videos on YouTube are not playable on mobile devices because YouTube hasn't encoded them for mobile syndication. When adding videos to your app, be sure that you have made them available for mobile syndication on YouTube.

The Twitter section in my app isn't working. Why?

Sometimes Twitter's website goes down, in which case we can't access any tweets. As soon as Twitter is back up, your tweets will be back in action. Also, your tweets may not be showing up in your app because Twitter hasn't indexed your tweets. To check the Twitter account "@yourbandname", go to Twitter Search and search for "from:yourbandname". If you get no results, and you've tweeted in the past week or so, you need to contact Twitter and ask them to index your tweets. A good way to do this to tweet @Twitter several times (until they notice you), or you can email Twitter Support.

Do all my photos have to come from either Flickr or Picasa?

Yes, all photos must come from either Flickr or Picasa. The photos must either be in publicly viewable Flickr "sets" or public Picasa "albums." Flickr "photostreams" are not supported.

How do I get music into the Music section?

You can add music to your app through the Discography section. To do so, create a Discography entry and in the track list for that entry, add your audio. Once you've made a track playable in the Discography section, it will automatically appear in the Music section. There, you can select where you want that track to appear in the playlist.

To stream music from my app, do I have to upload music to MobBase's servers?

No, you have options! In the Discography section, you can add music, by either (i) uploading MP3s to MobBase (up to 15MB per MP3), (ii) adding an MP3 link to wherever the music can be streamed from, or (iii) connecting your Soundcloud account and importing audio from SoundCloud.

What quality of music can I stream from my app?

MP3s uploaded to MobBase's servers will be streamed at a variable bitrate of about 128 KB/sec. If you'd like to stream higher quality music, you can do so by hosting your music on your own servers, or on SoundCloud.

Can I have a live audio stream in my app?

Absolutely. You will need to host a live shoutcast stream on your own server and then add a .pls/.m3u playlist for the stream to the Sites section of your dashboard. For other options, please contact us.

Do I have to sell my music through iTunes?

If your app is on iPhone/iOS, yes, because iTunes is the only way that purchased music can be downloaded directly to an iOS device.

Where can I import my shows from?

Through our partnership with BandsInTown, you can import shows from Myspace, Facebook, ArtistData and thousands of venues around the world!

How do I add new shows to my app?

To add new shows to your app, you first need to add them to your shows page on your MobBase dashboard by importing them from BandsInTown. Then, once you see your new shows on your MobBase dashboard, click "update app" in the top right hand corner of your dashboard and go through the 3 step app publishing process. After doing so, you will see your shows in the app within 24 hours.

Will I be notified when my app is approved?

Yes. We'll let you know as soon as your app is approved. You can also check the status of your app, and any updates, in the Status section of your dashboard.

Where can I keep track of my MobBase monthly fees?

The Billing section in your dashboard lists your current monthly charges, your past charges, payments made, and any remaining account balance.

How come my app name can't be longer than 12 characters?

Because the app name will go under the app icon on your phone's home screen, you need to keep it short so that it's not truncated.

I want custom features in my app. Is this possible?

Yup. If you have ideas for features that are not offered on MobBase, email your ideas to custom@mobbase.com and we'll get back to you with more information and a quote.

I want different color themes for my app than the ones offered. Is this possible?

Definitely. If you want further customization than what is currently offered on MobBase, you can purchase premium support and we'll make things look exactly as you want them to.

How should I rate my app?

Please be conservative when rating your app, as underestimating the age rating could get your app rejected. If your app contains user-generated content from sites like Twitter, YouTube, etc., this content could be inappropriate for minors, and your app should have a minimum rating of 12+.

Why doesn't my Android app appear in the Android Market on some Android phones?

MobBase Android apps require the Android Eclair (2.1) operating system and above. If your phone doesn't meet those requirements, then you wont be able to find the app in the Android Market. However, some third-party Android app stores will still list your app, although you will be unable to install it.

Why can't I see which countries my Android installs are coming from?

Unfortunately, the Android Market does not provide country information for their install stats. If they do start providing this information, we will certainly make it available to you.

iPhone/iOS App Submission Policy

What is the approval process for my iPhone/iOS app?

iPhone/iOS apps must be approved by Apple prior to being released. Once a native app has been launched and approved it cannot be resubmitted for 2 months, so make sure that your app is complete before proceeding.

What if my app is rejected by Apple?

In the event that your app is rejected, you can resubmit your app up to 3 times at no additional charge. We'll let you know why it was rejected, and you can use your MobBase dashboard to make any necessary changes. If you would like our help in modifying and resubmitting your app, you can purchase premium support and you'll get our hands-on support to help your app pass the smell test. See our Terms of Service for the terms and conditions governing submission of your application.

Why is iPhone/iOS app activation more expensive than other platforms?

Apple has changed its policy and is now requiring a unique iOS Developer Account for each new app submitted to the iTunes App Store. Because of this, we will no longer be able to administer your app through the MobBase iOS Developer Account. This requires each customer to set up their own Developer Account, with fees paid directly to Apple. It also requires extra steps and hours of work for our team around processing, submitting,updating and tracking your app. We are absoring much of this extra work and associated cost, and are passing on just a portion to you.

What is Apple's new policy regarding iPhone/iOS apps and how does this affect me?

The change in policy means that build-your-own-app companies, including MobBase, can no longer submit apps to the iTunes App Store under the MobBase master iOS Developer Account. Because of this, you will need to create your iOS Developer Account before we can sumbit your MobBase app to iTunes. The cost for this is $99/year, which is payable directly to Apple. There will also be an increased MobBase iPhone/iOS Activation Fee of $250 because of the extra work involved. Other fees listed on the pricing page, including Android and Desktop app fees, will not change.

Do I need my own iOS Developer Account to launch a MobBase iPhone/iOS app?

Yes. Apple now requires that you set up your own iOS Developer Account prior to launching your iPhone/iOS app. This cost $99/year. However, when your apps are released in iTunes, they'll be released under the developer name that you selected, and not under "MobBase".

How do I set up an iOS Developer Account?

There are 2 steps that you need to go through to setup your iOS Developer Account. First, you need to register as an Apple Developer by going to http://developer.apple.com/programs/register. Then, you need to register for the iOS Developer Program by going to http://developer.apple.com/programs/ios, which cost $99. When registering for the iOS Developer Program, be sure to enroll as a Company so that you can then add us to your account; otherwise, we won't be able to submit your iPhone/iOS app. We're very experienced at this and are ready to help, so contact us before setting up your account!

After I set up my iOS Developer Account, how do I launch my MobBase iPhone/iOS app?

Once you set up your iOS Developer Account, please email support@mobbase.com to initiate the publishing process.

Can I submit multiple apps under my own iOS Developer Account?

Yes. Please contact support@mobbase.com for more details about this.

Selling Your App

Can I sell my app?

Native iPhone/iOS apps can be sold through iTunes and native Android apps can be sold through the Android Market. If you choose to sell your app through these stores, you may be subject to an additional monthly commerce fee. HTML5 mobile web apps cannot be sold at this time.

When selling my app, how much of the app's revenue is taken by each store?

Each app store determines their own percentage to charge on app sales. Currently, every store charges 30%.

If I sell my app, when do I get paid?

If you're selling your app, the monthly revenue that you earn will be credited against your account balance, once we receive financial statements for the sale of your app(s) from iTunes, Android Market, etc. If after paying your monthly account balance, you are owed $100 or more, we will pay you via PayPal or check, provided that we've been paid for your app sales. If you haven't accrued $100, you'll get paid as soon as you have accumulated $100 from the sale of your app since its launch, after paying that month's account balance. If you're owed payment and haven't received it, it's probably because we haven't been paid yet.

Updating and Resubmitting Your App

How can I update my app after it's launched?

To update the app once it's launched just add content to the various feeds you have provided us (RSS, Shows, Videos, Photos, Twitter, etc.). If you want to add new music to your app, change the layout and customization of the app, or add new feeds, photo album/sets, and videos, you will need to make those changes in your MobBase dashboard. Then, click the "update app" button on the upper right hand corner of your dashboard and go through the publishing process to push the changes to your app. As part of this, you will need to resolve any issues with your app on the Checklist page, and then you can continue through the publishing process by clicking "Continue" in the lower right hand corner of the Checklist page. Once you have completed the publishing process, you will see the changes in your app within 24 hours.

If I update my app after it's live, what updates require resubmission?

Only a few of the changes will require resubmission of a native app: the app name, app icons, loading image, search keywords, app cost, and app store description.

How often can I request my app be resubmitted?

If you need to request resubmission you can do so free of charge 2 times per year. After that, it costs $20.00 per platform. Please note, apps can only be manually resubmitted once every 2 months, so please make sure that you are happy with the parts of the app that require resubmission. If you need to resubmit your app sooner, you will be required to pay a $50.00 priority resubmission fee.

How long does it take for updates to appear in my app?

Assuming your updates don't require resubmission, you will see them in your app within 24 hours after going through the publishing process on MobBase.

I updated my app, but the screen shots of my app don't reflect my updates. Why?

The screen shots of your app cannot be automatically changed with your updates; rather, new screen shots must be submitted manually. iTunes and the Android Market require that the screen shots match the app that was published, which is the original app that you submitted (without any of the updates). For this reason, new screen shots require resubmission of the app.

How often can I update my app? Can I update it more than once a day?

You can update your app two times every 24 hours. If you try to update your app again in a given 24 hour period, then the update will automatically be scheduled to go out on the following day.